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We are now working from our big Blue Shed in the Historic village.  Official hours are: Sunday and Monday CLOSED, Tuesday and Wednesday  BY APPOINTMENT,  Thursday and Friday 10.00 to 4.00 or Saturday 10.00 to 2.00pm.

PLEASE ring or text us before coming in if you are coming a distance, just to make sure we are here.  We are working out of the studio more and more and won’t always be able to keep to the above hours.


    From the main entrance to the Historic Village, head up the main cobbled street, past the cafe on the right, until you reach the church on your right, then turn left and follow the gravel road to the Blue Shed.

    Any questions please text or ring us, or use the contact form here

    021 834 982 Steve
    021 136 8673 Lynn

    The Magic of stained glass

    Leadlight (Stained Glass) has been used for centuries to  dramatic effect by capturing the light to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

    Stained Glass Design & Building

    The skill of creating beautiful windows with stained glass is still very much alive today.

    We will work with you to create your own stained glass feature for your home or workplace. Based in Tauranga, we mostly work in the greater Bay of Plenty area but can cover anywhere in the North Island by arrangement.

    Historically, coloured glass was difficult and expensive to produce, meaning stained glass windows and art were reserved for the wealthiest of individuals and institutions. Luckily modern manufacturing makes coloured glass incredibly affordable, so now everyone can enjoy the beauty of stained glass in their home or workplace.

    Popular with people wanting to make a statement with their home or businesses wishing to add extra life to dull buildings; stained glass is still a popular way of adding style to or energising spaces.

    Leadlight Design

    Whether you already have an idea or need a little inspiration, we can help create the perfect stained glass design to suit your taste and location.

    Leadlight Manufacture

    All our leadlight designs are manufactured in-house by our talented and experienced craftspeople to an incredibly high standard. When you are thinking of stained glass, talk to the professionals.

    Leadlight Repairs & Restoration

    We are specialists in Leadlight Repairs. If you have a leadlight that needs restoring, repairing or resizing for double glazing, get in touch.

    Add some “wow factor” to your home or business with eye catching stained glass.

    Tools & Supplies for Glass Craft

    All crafts require specialised tools and materials and we have all you need for your own projects.

    Even better, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you chose the right supplies for your needs.

    If you are new to glass crafts, or need a refresher, check out our workshops.  Some workshops even include tools!


    Shop for the tools you need for DIY Stained Glass and Leadlight crafting.


    Shop for DIY Stained Glass and Leadlight crafting supplies here!

    Glass Art

    We stock pre-made glass art to brighten your home and garden.

    Learn to create with Stained Glass

    Our classes and workshops are run on a friendly and informal basis where you will learn
    the practical skills to complete a project and have fun doing it!

    You definitely do not need to feel you are artistic, or have previous experience, to be able to produce great results.  With lots of patterns, inspiration and advice to get you started, you will be surprised to discover just how creative you can be.

    Our workshops are designed to be fun and informative and are a great way to experience the joys of creating with glass

    Glass Cutting

    Whether you are new to cutting glass or wanting to improve your technique, this workshop is aimed at giving you the skills to cut and break all those tricky shapes successfully and safely.

    Stained Glass

    Learn how to apply your glass cutting skills to create a stained glass piece using the copper foil (Tiffany) technique.

    Glass Fusing

    This is an introductory workshop to the world of melting glass in a kiln to create jewellery, plates or art.

    Project Workshop

    This workshop is an excellent opportunity for crafters with previous experience to share our studio with like minded crafters and have a tutor for guidance.  Suitable for stained glass or glass fusing projects.

    “Steve and Lynn are super clever with glass and run brilliant leadlight or glass fusing classes. Also stock everything you need for your project. They make amazing leadlight window panels – their latest one is a fantastic native bird scene. A must see if you’re at the Historic Village in Tauranga.”

    TRACEY, Google review
    Give the gift of light. Use stained glass to create a wide range of unique and attractive gifts, only limited by your imagination.

    Why choose Leadlight Expressions?



    With over 5 decades of combined experience, Leadlight Expressions has extensive expertise to apply to the design, manufacture repair or restoration of your projects.


    Quality workmanship is key to manufacturing leadlight projects that stand the test of time. Our meticulous attention to detail and well-practised skills mean we deliver a high standard of work to all our clients.

    Peace of mind

    Leadlight Expressions meet the NZ Glazing Regulations for all our leadlight window installations. We stand behind all our products and workmanship.