Glass Fusing  Workshop

This glass fusing workshop is fun!  Create your own unique piece of jewellery, a coaster or two, a picture or even a plate and see the exciting possibilities of hot glass. This is only the beginning…..

We will teach you the basic theory and principles of fusing glass (notes provided), which is simply the melting together of different pieces of glass into various forms. In the introductory workshop, you can make jewellery – a pendant and earring set for example – or a coaster, or a plate or a picture.  We have a range of different plate sizes and shapes to choose from.

Use of tools during the workshop and one kiln firing is included in the workshop.  You will need to allow 2-3 days for the kiln firing before you can pick up your finished piece(s).

The glass and materials like jewellery findings or stainless fittings that you use for your project are an additional charge.

We suggest you allow 2-3 hours for this workshop, depending on how many items you wish to complete and the size of your group.

After this workshop, the world is your oyster and you can make whatever you can visualise… Once you have completed the Introduction Workshop, you can easily continue even If you don’t have a kiln, as you can attend casual classes,  or you can simply make your pieces at home and bring them in for casual kiln firing.

We charge very reasonable rates for casual kiln firing and have slumping moulds for hire if you wish to make plates.

We highly recommend our Glass Cutting class to enhance your glass fusing skills and versatility.