Stained Glass Workshop

Learn an age old craft in our stained glass workshop! We will teach you how to work to a pattern to make a stained glass item using the Tiffany, or Copper Foil technique.


You can pick any project that you fancy, depending on your glass cutting skill level and your level of confidence, but it needs to be reasonably simple in order to get through all the stages and get it finished, ready to take home. Once you have all the techniques, then you can go on to make more complex pieces either at home or in future workshops.

We will help you choose your design and we have loads of patterns and ideas and loads of interesting glasses to choose from.

We provide the necessary tools for you to use during the workshop and have a wide range of tools and supplies available for sale.  Some materials, like flux, patina, cleaners etc are included but the glass and solder that you use to complete your project are an additional charge.

We suggest you allow up to 6 hours to complete a project depending on complexity.

To undertake the Stained Glass class you will need to have existing glass cutting skills. If you don’t already have experience in this area then you will need to complete our short Glass Cutting Class prior to enrolling. See our Glass Cutting class for more information

Please note that due to the slight exposure to lead based products, this workshop is not suitable if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.