Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make custom Leadlight designs?
Yes!  We can turn your idea into a Leadlight reality.  If you are not sure what you’d like we have a wealth of design ideas and are happy to discuss various options with you.
Aren’t leadlights just for older homes?
Not at all. We make leadlights to suit your taste and your décor. We make a lot for new homes, they add great character.
How do I choose a design?
If you have any ideas at all, we work with them to create something especially for you. An idea, a sketch or a photo are great starting points. If you don’t have an idea, we’ll let you loose with our photo albums and once you pick out a few that you like, we will know where to start the design process.
Can leadlights be fitted with double glazing?
Absolutely. If you are putting in new double glazing we will work with the glazing company to install the leadlight inside the double glazed unit. If you already have double glazing, we can fit a leadlight over the top of the inside panel, in an aluminium frame, powder coated to suit your joinery.
Do the colours in leadlights fade over time?
Stained glass is coloured in the manufacturing process and keeps its colour for decades, even centuries, just look at old church windows. You can get glass that has only a surface colour painted on, but we don’t use it.
Can you repair damaged leadlights?
If it is genuine leadlight and not the stick-on type, then we can definitely repair it. Anything from one piece of cracked glass in a china cabinet to a full church window restoration.
What is the best place for a leadlight?
Anywhere that you get a good view of it! Most popular are entranceways, stairwells and bathrooms but they look fantastic as feature windows in any room. They generally look at their best where you get good light behind them, but we can use opal glass, or back with mirror and they still look great even just hanging on a wall.
Can you make lampshades?
Lampshades, mirrors, treasure boxes, paper holders, candle holders etc etc. You name it and we can probably make it.
Can you use leadlights for privacy?
Leadlights actually make the nicest sort of privacy screen. Pretty much any leadlight is harder to see through than normal clear glass, but we can use varying levels of obscure glass to create as much privacy as you like.
What if we put in a leadlight and then want to move house?
You can take it with you if you can keep the real estate agent from talking you out of it! We would remove and pack it for travel and replace it with normal glass. Then when you get to your new place we can re-size it if need be and then refit it.
Can I get a second hand leadlight and get it fitted into an existing window?
Lots of people buy leadlights on Trademe or similar and yes, we can repair and re-size to fit.
Do you teach leadlighting?
We don’t teach leadlighting as a trade, but do teach the Tiffany, or copperfoil technique which you can use to make some fantastic things including lampshades. We do have heaps of leadlighting supplies like lead, glass and tools.
Are leadlights strong and secure?
Leadlights are mainly made of relatively small pieces of glass with a lead metal mesh around them. This mesh means that they are flexible which makes them resilient and also means that the glass is held in place even if broken. All our leadlights are made to comply with the current glazing regulations and human impact safety requirements. Bigger leadlight panels are reinforced with either internal or external reinforcing metal (or even both) as necessary.

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