Leadlight Design & Build


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The leadlight design for you will be a journey of discovery! We will work with your ideas, or with any designs that you like, and create something unique for you.

Some people pretty much know what they want in a leadlight, so we work on their idea or picture to get the right look and then it is just a matter of choosing the glass colours and textures.

Then there are those who have just a general idea, and those who know that they want a leadlight, but that is about as far as they have got!  In these cases we delve into the books and photo albums of leadlight designs.  Once we get a feel for the type of design, or designs, that you like, we will produce a few scaled colour drawings for you to consider.  Once we discover the leadlight design that works best for you, we can get on and make it…

Our leadlights are made to the highest standards and you can feel confident that they will comply with NZ glazing regulations and that they will last for decades. We have a huge range of colours and textures of glass to choose from and if that isn’t enough, we can make our own fused glass pieces to make something extra unique.

We usually install our own leadlights, but we are happy to supply them for you or your glazier to install and we can ship them to anywhere in the country if required.



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