Long-lasting beauty

A well-made leadlight in a reasonably protected spot can last 100 years or more.


Good design, quality materials and exacting workmanship will stand the test of time with minimal care.  The stained glass itself will keep its colour and texture for more than 100 years and the lead and solder structure around it is also very stable.

The longevity of a leadlight is partly dependent on its design, which in turn is dependent on the situation it is built for.  We take into account all the factors when producing a design so that the finished item is not only beautiful, but resilient.

If your leadlight should become damaged, please contact us about our restoration and repair service.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my leadlight. It gets admired a lot. Thanks again for a great job done.”

Angelika, Auckland

Making a Leadlight

The Leadlight manufacturing process is mostly unchanged over hundreds of years


Each piece of glass is individually and precisely cut to a pattern and then joined into a complete panel using lead and solder. Additional features such as bevelled glass pieces and kiln fired glass can be incorporated to add interest and depth.

The finished panel is sealed between the lead and the glass with a special compound to make it strong and waterproof. Once complete, all the non-glass assets are polished to an attractive high-gloss black finish.


Most installations are single glazed, but we increasingly fit pieces into double glazing solutions. In these cases, the leadlight is encapsulated into the double glazed unit at the time of manufacture. Essentially, there is a sheet of plain glass, usually toughened, on both sides of the stained glass.

By encasing the leadlight in this way, not only do you have a beautiful showpiece, but you have improved heat and sound insulation, protection from weather and impact and, it makes cleaning a breeze!

While this sounds like the best solution, there is, of course, the additional cost for the double glazing and reflections on the flat outer glass may distract from the stained glass feature.

We also offer secondary glazing solutions where your new stained glass feature is fitted to the inside framework of an existing window and we can usually match the existing timber, or powder-coated aluminium joinery. This leaves the existing glazing largely untouched and makes it easier to take your stained glass art with you when you move house!


Typically, we would expect to be ready to install in 3-5 weeks from date of order. Time may vary depending on the size and complexity of your pieces as well as the installation address. Our workload may affect manufacturing time, but clients are always made aware of our expected delivery time before the commencement of any new project.


Stained glass can be fitted pretty much anywhere standard window glass is fitted. This makes it easy to swap out existing glazing for your new leadlight unit.

We usually do all our own installations but are happy to supply leadlights to third parties to install and can freight to anywhere in the country. We package between polystyrene sheets in plywood cases which will survive all but the worst of transport incidents.

We are happy to discuss all the installation options available to you during any stage of the consultation and design process.